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31 Jan


In 2003, the US finally got hold of a little game called Blokus.  It was a simple game, many likened it to a board game version of Tetris.  As we sit here a full decade later, Blokus has gained a fair level of mainstream success.  It is now sold in mass market retailers, as well as still holding a place in the hobby stores.

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Monopoly Millionaire iOS

21 Jan


I will state, right off the bat, that I am not a fan of Monopoly.  I find it very boring, and very random; even while playing with the correct rules (I’m looking at you Free Parking money).  Still, when I heard about this new Monopoly Millionaire game, I wanted to give it a fair chance.  I originally saw the real world board game, but balked at the $22-25 price tag it carried.  Fortunately, I discovered there was an iOS version that had gone on sale for 99 cents… so I decided to give it a try.

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12 Days

12 Jan


On the 12th day of January, the internet gave to me, a review of 12 Days… a Christmas themed card game designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker.  Two famous designers.  A famous theme.   Do the two add up to a game worthy of future family holidays?  And, how ridiculous should you feel trying to get this game played anytime other than the week before Christmas?

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11 Jan


In theory, the first two games I plan to review would have been better off being reviewed in December.  However, between work, holiday, and stocking up for the Apocalypse…it didn’t work out quite as planned.  Now, however, the time is right.  Today, I begin my IT CAME FROM THE BASEMENT adventure with a look at a game set in the future…but has its basis in the recent Mayan apocalypse that didn’t happen.  So, that means the game doesn’t exist…right?

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So, hi and stuff.

5 Jan

If you’re reading this…well, you probably are on the wrong site.

Seriously though, welcome to my new blog where I will write about board games.  Yeah, I know there are already 15 million of those, and I don’t profess to bring anything new to the table.  I simply enjoy playing board games, and I want to share my thoughts and stories about them with anyone willing to listen.

For a while in 2011-12, I helped write for Games & Grub (I was the “Games” side).   If you’d like to keep up with what “Grub” is doing… check out Eric’s tumblr blog at

So, what am I going to cover here?  

Quite honestly, a little bit of everything.  There will, of course, be reviews of new (or new-ish) board games.  I may occasionally highlight a Kickstarter project that looks interesting, and for sure when I get a Kickstarter project game in, I will write about those.  I will also be reviewing iOS versions of board games, as I don’t get to play games as often as I may like.  There are times where my iPhone becomes my most frequent opponent.

My main focus will be on digging through my basement game collection, and sharing some of the oddities and forgotten gems that most people may not know about (sometimes for good reason).  I’ve been collecting board games seriously for over 15 years, and I’ve got quite an eclectic collection on my hands.  I blame the fact that I spend a lot of time shopping at discount and thrift stores.

I am a fan of comments, so please leave them!  Unless you wish to insult my upbringing…send those to my Myspace page, thanks.

I guess I’ll end by saying thanks for stopping by.  The first reviews will be showing up shortly.  I won’t be prolific, but I will try to keep things active.  You can also follow me on twitter @scooterb23 where I will update when new articles go up.

*Insert witty end catch phrase here*