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Showbiz by Avalon Hill

31 May

Showbiz is a game I first came across after I bought it.  I should explain.  A few years ago, at Buckeye Games Fest, I bought a “Grab Box” of games in the auction.  The box cost me $2 sight unseen, and came with about 20 games in it.  Most of the games were really poor children’s games.  There were, happily, a couple surprises in the box – well worn copies of Hansa and Medici, and Showbiz.  While Medici and Hansa have gotten some play… Showbiz languished on the shelf.  Maybe it was because of the utterly uninspiring box art?


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Quick Update

28 May

Hey all, didn’t want anyone to think I had already abandoned this blog.  I am having major computer troubles and a crazy schedule at work, and have been unable to post for a while.  I’m hoping some voodoo I’m going to try tomorrow will get the computer to work for a while longer, but it’s obvious I need a new computer soon.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read so far, I hope to be back with another string of obscure games very shortly.




Guilty Pleasure: Shut the Box

6 May

Shut the Box is one of those classic games that most of us played as a kid, and then stopped playing once we discovered better games / girls /boys/ the internet, whatever.  As I was digging through my board game collection recently, I noticed that I had several games that actually use very similar game play elements.

What is Shut the Box?


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