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The Spiel presents: Gamer’s Edition Scopa

12 Jul

Right now on Kickstarter, my friends over at The Spiel podcast are trying to fund the printing of a Gamer themed deck of Scopa cards.

Scopa is an Italian card game, where players are trying to sweep cards from the middle of the table for points.  It’s typically played with a specialized 40-card deck.  I was introduced to the game by Stephen from the Spiel several years ago, and it instantly became a favorite game of mine.

Unfortunately, it’s been tough to get Scopa cards in the US until very recently, when a couple mass market companies have released cards.  However, if I may be blunt, those decks are really REALLY ugly.  Who wants to play a card game with ugly cards?  Check just a bit lower to see a preview of cards from The Spiel’s deck where they take a traditional Scopa design, and give it a playful update.

If you’ve ever been curious about learning Scopa, or are looking for a new deck that celebrates the hobby… please consider backing this project.





11 Jul


2000 was either the 2nd or 3rd time I went to Origins, and probably the first that I took on as a true “hobby gamer.”  I had gone before, but all but ignored any booths that weren’t selling Magic: The Gathering cards.   Back then, about the first 1/3 of the Origins exhibit hall was the open gaming / demo area (which is one reason why I’d like anyone that whines about the show “not feeling full” now to kindly shut their yap).  In that area, on the very first day, I discovered the non-collectible card game Mystick: Domination by Anoch Game Systems.  Over the next 4 days, I probably played the game half a dozen times including at least two games with the designer, Eric M. Lang.

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