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Money Card: An American Express Travel Game (1972)

20 Nov

This time, I wanted to take a look at a game I found very recently in an antique shop.  Money Card, at one level, is almost exactly what one may expect from a game so closely tied to a company such as American Express.  It’s a simple spin and move game, with a very basic goal.   However, this simple game is wrapped up in a surprising level of detail which stunned me right from the box art.

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Obsidian Lords

1 Nov

0042000 was a great year of transition for me. I was still mostly a Magic: The Gathering player, just starting to transition to board games.  I had recently left my job at a comic book store for the high profile world of non-profit Museum educator.  It was also the year that some friends of mine and myself decided to venture into the world of online gaming journalism.  We all liked games, and we all liked writing…so it seemed like a natural fit, and Dungeon Crawler Magazine was born.  One of our mission statements at the outset was that we wanted to focus more on the “little guys.”  Sure, we would cover big games when we felt the need, but it was those small companies…those unique games that really sparked our interest.

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