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Scrabble Overturn (1989)

16 Feb

One of the things I like to focus on when I’m out looking for old boardgames at thrift stores and flea markets are variants. Now, I’m not talking direct reprints like the 2000+ editions of Monopoly or the My Little Pony version of Chutes & Ladders that Hasbro is coming out with this year (seriously, they are showing it at the New York Toy Fair right now!). The variants I’m most interested in are those that take a tried and true game formula, and change it in a meaningful way. ┬áIn recent years, some of the new classic Euro-style game have gotten this treatment…but the resulting game doesn’t resemble the original all that much (Cardcassonne, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Ra the Dice Game etc.). That’s not to say the variants are bad games, but the relation to the parent game is tenuous at best.

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