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Igor: The Monster Making Game (2008)

20 Apr

They say ignorance is bliss. This makes me wonder why so many of the most hateful people in the world are also the most ignorant, but this isn’t the place for that discussion. I was ignorant, when I bought Igor: The Monster Making Game at a closeout store, that it was based on a failed animated movie from a couple years prior. What I did see was a cartoon Igor, the R&R Games Logo, and the name Reiner Knizia.  That was enough for me to plop down my $8. Was the combination of an obscure movie license, a game company I like, and a designer I respect enough to make a good game? Let’s break it down.



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The rebirth of MLB Showdown

15 Apr

For various reasons, I’m trying to step up the amount I’m writing to the blog. I’m still trying to keep the focus mainly on obscure / odd games from my collection, but when the mood hits I may talk about new games, or other projects that I find particularly interesting…like this one.


MLB Showdown was one of my favorite collectible card games. My friends and I were huge baseball fans, but didn’t really have the time or attention spans to learn a more in-depth game like Strat-O-Matic Baseball. MLB Showdown let us be the General Manager, Manager, and players. Sadly, as time went on, I drifted away from my play group, and the game was eventually discontinued by Wizards of the Coast after the 2005 set.

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Carcassonne, Ra, and Catan Dice Games

9 Apr

About a month ago, I did a roundup of three classic card games that were turned into dice games with mixed levels of success (which you can read here) . This time, I’m going to take a look at three Euro style board games that have also gotten the dice game treatment.

Carcassonne, Ra, and Settlers of Catan are three of the giants in the Eurogaming world.  I know I was introduced to this world through Catan, and my first games of Carcassonne and Ra came fairly soon after. So it was with great interest that I started to look at how these very different games translated into the dice game world.

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Bringing Gaming to the Blind!

2 Apr

Sorry it’s been a little longer than normal between updates…real life blah blah.  I will have a new game post up in the next few days.

I did want to point people a Kickstarter project that I find to be a wonderful idea. It still has 3 weeks left, and has already met it’s initial goal. I was told about it by a friend in a video game chat who happens to know the creator of the project.

The project is to develop materials to allow blind people to have access to more board games!

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. Their idea includes everything from card sleeves with imprinted braille, to developing QR codes for cards with more text, to stand-alone braille sheets for more text-heavy games.

They even have a new game, much like Set that is to be played by touch only!

If you are interested in backing this project,  CHECK OUT THE PAGE HERE

I’ll be back soon with more games from the basement!