Bringing Gaming to the Blind!

2 Apr

Sorry it’s been a little longer than normal between updates…real life blah blah.  I will have a new game post up in the next few days.

I did want to point people a Kickstarter project that I find to be a wonderful idea. It still has 3 weeks left, and has already met it’s initial goal. I was told about it by a friend in a video game chat who happens to know the creator of the project.

The project is to develop materials to allow blind people to have access to more board games!

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. Their idea includes everything from card sleeves with imprinted braille, to developing QR codes for cards with more text, to stand-alone braille sheets for more text-heavy games.

They even have a new game, much like Set that is to be played by touch only!

If you are interested in backing this project,  CHECK OUT THE PAGE HERE

I’ll be back soon with more games from the basement!

One Response to “Bringing Gaming to the Blind!”

  1. 64ozgames April 2, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    Thanks for your kind words. We’re hoping to do a lot more than card games if we can keep getting support.

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