Kickstarter Love – Pull! by Chevee Dodd

16 May

Pull! is down to just a few days left in it’s Kickstarter project time, and it needs a little love to get funded.

Pull! is a trick-taking game, themed around the world of trap shooting. It’s not just the theme of the game that is unique. Teams will also be vying for two tricks at the same time!

Don’t shoot the animals!

Another aspect to this game that captured my attention was that the second card played in a round is done simultaneously…this is a mechanic I adore in card games. Take a unique theme and interesting bluffing mechanics…and you’ve got a game that really appeals to me.

It only costs $16 to buy in for a copy of the game. There are higher levels, including one with a fancy wooden “Shooting Box.” Recently announced as part of that level are the inclusion of some awesome looking fowl “Foul” tokens.

You can add those tokens in at lower levels if you’d like as well.

If you would like to help Pull! get published, head over to the Pull! project page and join in on the trap shooting fun!

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