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Coolest timer ever

14 Dec

A couple weeks ago, I was running through a few of my older games that I’ll hopefully get around to posting about here. One game that isn’t going to make the cut is 1975’s Tug Boat. Tug Boat appears to be a cross between Operation, and a Pick up and Deliver game. Unfortunately, the copy I have has so much corrosion on the metal pieces, that just trying to insert a new battery caused the battery clips to disintegrate. Before putting it away, I began to play around a bit with the timer, and found it to be rather hypnotic. I apologize for getting my ham hands in the way, and for the vertical video, I was trying to film it with my iphone on a whim. I probably should have spent time and set it up better, but I didn’t think of it at the time.

Anyway, enjoy this timer video. I’ll be back with new posts again soon, but probably not before the New Year.