Theme Game Day #5 – We’re On A Boat!

10 Jan

This week was originally just going to be pirate-themed games since there are more than enough pirate games out there these days. However, as we were sitting around talking things over, a couple of games came up that we decided we really wanted to play. One of those, Vikings, of course didn’t get played. But we did get to the other, as well as a few other boat-themed games on this day.

As a side note, we started off by playing a decidedly non-boat game – The Bloody Inn. I intend to do a full write-up of that one sometime soon, but I’d like to play it again first. Quick spoiler: I really liked it after 1 play.

Game #1 – Bottlecap Vikings

cvpbobqweaak-bfIn Bottlecap Vikings, players are allegedly brave Viking warriors, pillaging their way across the high seas, gaining gold and wood to build their great city. In reality, you are moving little boat tokens around a rondel of action spaces. This game is cute, it’s fun-ish, but it’s ultimately not much of anything special. The viking theme is totally wasted, as well. I mean, combat is simply just “land on an opponent’s space, you both draw a Valkyrie token” red ones are slightly worse than gray ones. Woohoo. The boat tokens look cool, though.

Game #2 – Champions of Midgard

cvqbfr5u8aazqglNow this…THIS is a viking themed game! Well, sort of. Midgard is mostly a worker-placement game with a hearty dose of dice-rolling. There have been a lot of comparisons made to Lords of Waterdeep. I can see the comparisons, but I feel like they are different enough to not be seen as clones. I believe Midgard integrates its theme better. In Waterdeep, it’s easy to just start calling the various characters “cubes” because they don’t feel like people. Here, you call the dice ax-men and spearmen because they have a specific role and purpose. I also feel like the combat / quest fulfillment in Midgard is more interesting. I do think Waterdeep’s worker placement section is more interesting, just because there are more interesting choices that can be made. With all that being said, Midgard is still a step below Waterdeep for me right now because of the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion. If Champions of Midgard can bring an expansion with a new mechanic anything as good as the corruption track, I’ll have a copy of Lords of Waterdeep for trade. Champions of Midgard is quite a fun game.

Game #3 – Lifeboats



Do you hate your friends? Play Lifeboats! Lifeboats is a quick playing pure negotiation game. The goal of the game is simple. Get your people from the start space to the islands at the end of the board, which are each worth a different amount of points. Lifeboats has the one of the biggest logic lapses I’ve ever seen in a game. In one part of the game, there’s a “Chinese Fire Drill” of sorts, where each player chooses one of the pawns to jump out of a perfectly good boat, in hope to jump to a better one. However, in a  different part of the turn – the people in one of the boats has to vote one player to feed to the sharks. If there are sharks around…I’m not jumping out of anything!!!!  This is a pretty fun game. It’s meant to be lighthearted, but it can still cause some hard feelings if a particular player begins to feel picked on.

This is where our 3-hour tour ends this time. Next time, we played games from the great Alan Moon…and we rediscover a forgotten expansion to a classic game.


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