Theme Game #8 – The Apocalypse!

28 Jan

This one’s going to be short for a couple reasons. Mainly because we only played three games before I ultimately decided I just couldn’t bear being around people anymore (I had a screaming headache that day). It’s also going to be short because one game I have almost nothing to say about it, and another I intend to cover in much greater detail when February rolls around (I’ll explain that more in a few days). So let’s get to it!

Game #1 – Bruges + The City of the Zwin Expansion


Mostly a holdover from Lena day. Because there are plagues and fires in the game, Lena convinced us that it was Apocalypse-ish enough, at least for the people in the town. This is the one I will discuss in depth in a later post (next month). Spoiler: Great game, the expansion is wonderful, and pretty much an essential addition to the game.

Game #2 – Tiki Mountain


Save your island from destruction by sacrificing yourself to the volcano God! One of my friends brought his daughter along, so we decided to play this as a more family friendly game. It’s a very basic race game that’s supposed to have some take that elements. Our games lasted all of 5 turns before someone jumped into the volcano. I was just barely off “Start”. Random, random, random. Not for me, and I don’t know if the kid liked it much either. Pass.

Game #3 – The Unholy Abomination Known As The Walking Category 11 Dead Nimmt! Card Game (Cougar Mellencamp)


Hurricanes! The Walking Dead! …Cows!  Perfect apocalypse topics. One of my favorite end of night games is Category 5. A fun little simultaneous-play card game I found several years ago in a bookstore somewhere. It had kind of gone away from my memory for a while, when I decided on a whim to add it to my travel bag of games a while back. I’ve constantly been enjoying the looks on people’s faces as they discover this game. Now, Category 5 was just a re-theming of 6 Nimmt! – a classic card game in Germany. 6 Nimmt! never really made it over here in that form, but it has shown up multiple times as Category 5, Slide 5, and (bizarrely) the Walking Dead Card Game. So, for Apocalypse Day, we decided to do the unimaginable. We decided to play 6 Nimmt!, Category 5, and The Walking Dead Card Game (nobody has Slide 5, sadly) AT THE SAME TIME!

Each player was dealt 30 cards, 10 from each deck. Each game was played separately, so you couldn’t play Walking Dead cards in 6 Nimmt! rows (although that might be a variant to try another time).The best extra thing we did was to use the player screens from Dark Moon to hide which card we were going to play. Oddly enough, playing the game this way helped increase the strategy of the game. If one board began to look too dangerous, you could always abandon it, and go play elsewhere… realizing other people could have had the same plan. When all three boards got filled, the tension in the room was thick. Believe it or not, it actually worked out pretty well, although it took a pretty darn long time. For final scoring, players added up each game’s points separately, and then divided them by 3. The lowest average score was the winner (since points are bad). Not something I want to do often, but for a one shot party type game, it was a ton of fun.

And if someone has Slide 5 that they don’t need…

Next time we play games about locations! So grab your globe, and your Dramamine, we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky *clap clap* Little Einste…ummm…

*runs away*




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