Tim Day!

10 Apr

As I’ve stated before, we celebrate our Monday game group getting older by letting the person having a birthday that week choose all the games. Just a couple weeks ago, it was Tim’s birthday. I enjoy playing games with Tim because we tend to have fairly similar interests. We both tend to like shorter filler / “super-filler” length games, we both have a soft spot for the mass market games of the 70s and 80s, and we both love very irreverent comedy. We both litter our game playing with obscure references to odd youtube videos and old movies / tv shows. I’m throwing in links to videos for some of them (and a few I’m making up because I like them). I will state now that some of these are not safe for work… some of them may not be safe for humanity in general…you have been warned.

Game #1 – 7 Wonders DuelIMG_0944

Tim tends to show up long before the others in the group, so we like to play a bunch of 2-player only games. 7 Wonders Duel is one of our favorites currently. 7 Wonders Duel is a card drafting and tableau-building game that has similarities to the regular 7 Wonders game, but is different enough to feel fresh.. There are three ways to win, two of which can end the game before it’s supposed to.

Our last game, Tim was only 2 spaces away from crushing me with military might early in the 2nd age. That’s when I made my move. I began to focus heavily on military. I went from almost being defeated in age 2, to winning with a military victory midway through Age 3. Tim, seeing this, started aiming for a science victory, and probably would have gotten there on the next turn.

I don’t think this was exactly his response…but it’s close.


Game #2 – 6 Nimmt!


I’ve talked about the unholy abomination that combined this, The Walking Dead Card game, and Category 5 before. This time, we just played a quick game of 6 Nimmt while waiting on more players. 6 Nimmt is a simultaneous card playing game where you are trying to place cards in a line, but you don’t want to place the 6th card. Whenever you take the 6th card, you scoop all the other cards in the line. The bull head symbols on the cards are points. Normally, we play until someone scores 100 points, whoever has the fewest points at that time wins. I think this day we just played 3-4 hands.

This is a great little filler that always inspires laughter. I’m very happy to see it back in print.

Apropos of nothing: Llamas with hats.


Game #3- Linko IMG_0948

Linko is a quick card game that has taken our store by storm. It has elements of a ladder climbing game (Tichu, Great Dalmuti) but it has the added element of your played cards potentially ending back in your hand. It appears that we’ve been playing this a bit wrong, but we still really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to trying it very soon, with the correct rules.

“I play three 11’s” “mumble mumble mumble mumble DOWN DOWN” *Uncontrollable laughter for 10 minutes*.

Game #4 – Catan Histories: Settlers of America – Trails to Rails


This is the best variation of Catan. In this game, players start in the eastern third of the United States, and by building rails, wagons, and settlements…they settle the Western part of the country. My favorite part of the game is that when you do go west, you might empty a hex from the east cost. So it’s more important to make sure you aren’t accidentally cutting off your own resource pool. I really like the fact that the board state changes, and that numbers that may not have been good for you in the beginning of the game can become critical later on. Still plays a little bit longer than I’d like, but if I’m going to play Catan, I’m going to play this one.

(This video’s my pick, but I know Tim will appreciate the link)

Game #5 – Wits and Wagers


One thing Tim fiercely believes in is trying to keep big groups together in one game if at all possible, so when 6 people showed up, we dove into a trio of big group games starting with this classic trivia based party game.  I don’t think anyone did well in this game. Numbers every time one player had a decent round, they totally blew it the next round. As always, though, it was a bunch of fun.

What’s this? An overabundance of bees in the workplace (aka Tim’s twitter notification sound, which was going off at record pace today for some reason).


Game #6 – Dixit


Another party style game. It’s kind of like Apple to Apples with bizarre art. Personally, I think I’ve finally hit the oversaturation point with this style of game. Dixit’s by far my favorite, but I’m personally kind of done with the judging style of party game.

What better pairing with Dixit than a Family Guy clip?

Game #7 – 7 Wonders 

IMG_0952One more 6-player game. We actually had some folks with us that had never played before, so we went old school and played with just the base game (although we added in as many wonders to choose from as possible). It was kind of fun playing without certain cards in the deck that we’d come to expect with all the expansions. I did kind of miss the Babel expansion though. I really do enjoy the extra level of the group wonders in that one.

I was going to pick an episode of Are You Being Served? here, as Mrs. Slocombe’s hair is a wonder in and of itself…and then I discovered this: The Australian version of the show, with the original Mr. Humphries playing the exact same role! This is just bizarre, as it’s almost exactly a word for word remake of the original episode.

Game #8 – Little Devils


Another small game that’s made a big impact on the store as of late. This game combines  6 Nimmt with a trick taking game. One player leads a card, the second player in turn plays a card that’s either higher or lower than the first. Everyone else must then follow in that same direction. Whoever plays the card furthest from the lead card takes the trick and will score penalty points. That is unless someone can’t follow, and has to play a card in the opposite direction…in which case that player takes the trick (similarly, if multiple people play “off-direction”, whoever plays the furthest away takes it.

This game is truly evil. Inevitably a card will get played and someone will spout the line “Here’s a list of things…” nothing further needs to be said. We all know the video that’s being referenced (specifically near the end)…I did mention this list was NSFW, right?  You’ve been warned again.

Game #9 – Power Grid Deluxe

IMG_0954We wrapped up Tim day with his (and my) favorite game. I’ve discussed Power Grid before, but this was my first play of the Deluxe Europe map. I have to say that I still don’t believe the Deluxe version was worth the extra money, but I do extremely enjoy the small variations in game play that this game brings to the table. I wish natural gas actually played differently than trash in some way.

I hope you enjoyed this look inside the warped mind of my friend Tim. I can pretty much guarantee that if you ever share a game table with him, you will enjoy your game just that much more with the laughter he brings.

To round out the list: another techno cover of a disco classic.



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