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Power Grid: The Fabled Expansion

30 Jan

Allow me to set the scene. Power Grid is my favorite board game. I’ve probably played it close to 100 times, which is saying something for a bit of a longer game like this. I’ve bought every map pack, power plant pack, and expansion that I’ve been able to find. I even have a copy of Funkenschlag – the game that Power Grid is based on, and which you can see my comparison post…¬†RIGHT HERE¬†

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The Front Nine

16 Jan

Sometimes you just have to buy a game because of the theme. More times than not, sadly, you end up with buyer’s remorse. That game with the really clever / cute / funny theme just didn’t have the game play to back it up. Thankfully, one of those lucky times hit for me when I discovered¬†The Front Nine designed (and sold) by Nick Case.


Yes, the game came in this cool bag!

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