Rome Themed Games

28 Mar

As we were celebrating the Ides of March on this particular Theme Day, we played a bevy of games that circulated around the city of Rome. There were thoughts of keeping things strictly to the theme of Caesar, but we decided as the day went on to stretch that theme just a little bit (as usual).

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Viking Games

17 Mar

Vikings are wonderful topics for board games. The mythology, the high adventure, the pillaging all lend themselves very favorably to being represented in board game form. Now, we’ve played Viking games before, so I won’t focus much on those that we played again that I’ve already written about. As usual, our first game of the day stretched the bounds of what a true “Viking” game is.

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Destination Fun! (AEG)

17 Mar

Destination Fun is AEG’s  official name for a series of games based around different modes of transportation. At this time there are games called Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

There is also Trains: Rising Sun, but that didn’t fit the reference. All three of these games are rather quick playing, and share at least some graphical / stylistic themes, but none of the games play anything alike. Let’s take a quick look at this series.

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Stefan Feld-ruary Wrap Up

6 Mar

Well, it’s March 6 already, so the month of Feld is over, and I haven’t finished writing about all the games yet. Instead of several long reviews (since I still have 4 games left to go), I’m just going to consolidate them all like I was doing for the weekly theme articles, so I can get back up to date quicker (plus most of the people that read my blog said they liked shorter “hits”). That and I was kind of getting tired of going over all the Feld games in depth because so many of them bled together mechanically…so without further ado…here we go.

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Feld-ruary #8 – La Isla

21 Feb

First, I need to get this out of the way.

Sorry, had to do it. The stupid song starts playing in my head every time I look at the box, for no good reason.


In La Isla, players are exploring a mysterious island in search of animals most people believed to be extinct. The player able to collect the most points based on the popularity of the animal tiles collected is the winner.

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Feld-ruary #7 – Bora Bora

20 Feb

Quick status update. First of all, why did I decide to write long form reviews of every Feld game we played this month? Next up, no, we aren’t going to get to every Feld game. For one thing, we don’t have them all in our group (Sorry Pillars of the Earth Builder’s Duel), and between bad weather and me being sick last week, we just haven’t been able to get to all of them. It’s still been a really interesting experiment, and I hope you have enjoyed reading about these games!

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Feld-ruary #6 – Rialto

19 Feb

One of the most interesting things I’ve found by playing a whole bunch of Stefan Feld games is that none of them have really felt like anything else I’ve played. There are no other games around that play like Macao, or The Speicherstadt, or In the Year of the Dragon. Rum & Pirates is probably the closest to feeling like another designer could have made it, but there are enough Feld parts to make it his.

And then there’s Rialto. A game which, except for one aspect, feels like half a dozen other games I’ve played. I don’t necessarily mean that negatively, because (SPOILER) I enjoyed the game, but of what we’ve played this month, it’s the most “generic”.


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