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Feld-ruary #7 – Bora Bora

20 Feb

Quick status update. First of all, why did I decide to write long form reviews of every Feld game we played this month? Next up, no, we aren’t going to get to every Feld game. For one thing, we don’t have them all in our group (Sorry Pillars of the Earth Builder’s Duel), and between bad weather and me being sick last week, we just haven’t been able to get to all of them. It’s still been a really interesting experiment, and I hope you have enjoyed reading about these games!

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Feld-ruary #1- Roma

4 Feb

As I stated in the last post, all this month we are going to look at the games of Stefan Feld for no other reason than his name made a terrible pun. Looking at a list of games he’s designed, I’ve quite liked about half of what I’ve played, and strongly disliked the other half. I’ve long believed that his games fall into the realm of games with one mechanic too many. That they are complex for complexity’s sake. I’m going to attempt to take these games with a fresh perspective this month.

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Theme Game Days -#1 – Dice Games

16 Dec

Quick Announcement: within a day or two of my last post, I actually became an employee of my favorite friendly local game store, Beyond the Board in Dublin, Ohio (yay). I’m still getting the hang of things there, but it’s been a lot of fun working around games so much. Check out our facebook page here: Beyond the Board

On to the post!

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Recent Game Round-Up

10 Oct

Yep, it’s been 3 months since my last post. No grand reasons other than I haven’t been playing many older games, though I’ve certainly been buying them. That and, quite frankly, I just hadn’t been in the mood to write much. But I have a few days off, am kind of bored, and have the bug to write again…so I’m going to do a round-up of a few of the recent games I’ve been playing.

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Igor: The Monster Making Game (2008)

20 Apr

They say ignorance is bliss. This makes me wonder why so many of the most hateful people in the world are also the most ignorant, but this isn’t the place for that discussion. I was ignorant, when I bought Igor: The Monster Making Game at a closeout store, that it was based on a failed animated movie from a couple years prior. What I did see was a cartoon Igor, the R&R Games Logo, and the name Reiner Knizia.  That was enough for me to plop down my $8. Was the combination of an obscure movie license, a game company I like, and a designer I respect enough to make a good game? Let’s break it down.



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Scrabble Pronto (1983)

20 Mar

One of the things I’ve been looking for as of late are games that I can play by myself. It’s not that I don’t have friends, but between an insane work schedule, and an even more insane winter…I just haven’t had the opportunities to see them as much as I’d like. During a rare break in the snow, I made a thrift store run and came across Scrabble Pronto.


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Uno Dice, Tripoley Dice, and Phase 10 Dice

2 Mar

Uno, Tripoley and Phase 10 are all classic card games.  They’ve all been around for decades and have been printed and reprinted countless times. And, as all classic games do, they have spawned their share of offshoot variant games. In this post, we are going to take a look at these three dice variants, see if they are good games, and if they are worthy to carry the name of the parent game.

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