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Rome Themed Games

28 Mar

As we were celebrating the Ides of March on this particular Theme Day, we played a bevy of games that circulated around the city of Rome. There were thoughts of keeping things strictly to the theme of Caesar, but we decided as the day went on to stretch that theme just a little bit (as usual).

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NHL Power Play Team-Building Card Game

25 Jan

So, this weekend, after a couple year delay thanks to a lockout, the NHL All_Star game finally descended upon Columbus, Ohio. Seeing as how I don’t really like big crowds, I stayed safely away in my house. But, to do my part to spread the hockey gospel, I thought I’d take a look at the NHL Power Play Team-Building Card Game by Cryptozoic.


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Storage Wars – The Game

4 Feb


Sometimes, a game comes along and it makes you lose faith in humanity.  Storage Wars is one of those games.  From the creepy sneers of the cover art, to the “Based on the A&E Hit” splash icon…everything about this game screams “cheap media tie-in.”  Yet, here I am, with this game in my collection.  I have read the rules, I have even played the game!  And I’m here to tell you, this is not your typical media tie-in game.  Well, actually it is…but there is a glimmer of hope for the game out there that you can’t say about most tie-in games.

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31 Jan


In 2003, the US finally got hold of a little game called Blokus.  It was a simple game, many likened it to a board game version of Tetris.  As we sit here a full decade later, Blokus has gained a fair level of mainstream success.  It is now sold in mass market retailers, as well as still holding a place in the hobby stores.

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