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Rome Themed Games

28 Mar

As we were celebrating the Ides of March on this particular Theme Day, we played a bevy of games that circulated around the city of Rome. There were thoughts of keeping things strictly to the theme of Caesar, but we decided as the day went on to stretch that theme just a little bit (as usual).

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Igor: The Monster Making Game (2008)

20 Apr

They say ignorance is bliss. This makes me wonder why so many of the most hateful people in the world are also the most ignorant, but this isn’t the place for that discussion. I was ignorant, when I bought Igor: The Monster Making Game at a closeout store, that it was based on a failed animated movie from a couple years prior. What I did see was a cartoon Igor, the R&R Games Logo, and the name Reiner Knizia. ┬áThat was enough for me to plop down my $8. Was the combination of an obscure movie license, a game company I like, and a designer I respect enough to make a good game? Let’s break it down.



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