Power Grid: The Fabled Expansion

30 Jan

Allow me to set the scene. Power Grid is my favorite board game. I’ve probably played it close to 100 times, which is saying something for a bit of a longer game like this. I’ve bought every map pack, power plant pack, and expansion that I’ve been able to find. I even have a copy of Funkenschlag – the game that Power Grid is based on, and which you can see my comparison post… RIGHT HERE 

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The Front Nine

16 Jan

Sometimes you just have to buy a game because of the theme. More times than not, sadly, you end up with buyer’s remorse. That game with the really clever / cute / funny theme just didn’t have the game play to back it up. Thankfully, one of those lucky times hit for me when I discovered The Front Nine designed (and sold) by Nick Case.


Yes, the game came in this cool bag!

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A Night at the Chill

30 Dec

I seem to be a rare breed. I’m a board gamer that adores sports as well. Now, for me, the more obscure the sport, the better. My favorite sports I’ve ever watched or played are Australian Rules Football, Disc Golf, Candlepin Bowling, and Baseball (Go Cubs Go!). I’m also quite a big fan of sports themed board games…despite the fact that many of my board game friends won’t give them a shake. I do intend, as I mean to go on writing this blog, to highlight a few of the sports games in my collection.

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Some random thoughts on Mega-Valley of the Kings

11 Dec

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Sorry about that. I had stopped writing to it because I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of what I was doing, plus a lot of other thing you really don’t care about.

In the nearly full year since my last update, I have still been writing video game and board game reviews, just at a different place with some online pals called Gaming With Swag (GWS). They’re good folks, Brent. I hope you check the site out.

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Update / 2016 Hasn’t Killed Me Yet

19 Dec

Just a quick blurb at the end of the year to thank everyone that still is discovering this blog, and commenting on things. I plan to get back into the swing of writing things fairly soon. Probably tweaking a few things to keep it interesting for me as well. I appreciate the support, and I’ll be back soon 🙂

Tim Day!

10 Apr

As I’ve stated before, we celebrate our Monday game group getting older by letting the person having a birthday that week choose all the games. Just a couple weeks ago, it was Tim’s birthday. I enjoy playing games with Tim because we tend to have fairly similar interests. We both tend to like shorter filler / “super-filler” length games, we both have a soft spot for the mass market games of the 70s and 80s, and we both love very irreverent comedy. We both litter our game playing with obscure references to odd youtube videos and old movies / tv shows. I’m throwing in links to videos for some of them (and a few I’m making up because I like them). I will state now that some of these are not safe for work… some of them may not be safe for humanity in general…you have been warned.

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Games From the Demo Shelf!

7 Apr

As most of you should know by now, I work in a game store (Beyond the Board in Dublin Ohio, come visit!). One of my favorite aspects of the store is the demo wall of games.

In this spot will eventually be a picture of said wall…once I remember to take one >_>

Almost any time we are open, people can just stop in, grab a game off the wall, and play. Our library has recently blown past the 250 game mark. This is both good and bad. It’s good because people there’s a wide variety of things for groups to choose from. It’s bad because it’s hard to keep up and know how to play all those games. So our Monday game group decided to do nothing but pick games off the wall that none of us had ever played.

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